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Read Print: free books, and pretty (via kottke, who I for some reason started reading at work today.)

blogging by email

blogging by email (specifically by gmail) means I have external, searchable, label-able copies of posts. also, it means that the word "label" is always in sight, so I can't misspell it.

for later

(some dude on slashdot said that VW prototyped one of their factories using fischertechnik, which seems like a wicked cool application of toy-like things...)

don't like:

  1. blogger's new aol-like icons
  2.'s flyers

(mental notes)

"Now that's a damn shame," I said. "Wait... no, no it's not a shame. That's what we were going to do to Zero anyway. Mental note: start thinking through sympathetic statements before speaking. Also: stop talking to yourself."

(from "Obsolete")


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