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blogs and jury duty

hypothesis: every adult blogger who has had jury duty while they have maintained a blog, has written about it.

I mean, check out google: q="jury duty" "powered by blogger".

this got me thinking about how jurors are selected, and I had to do some research... apparently, they are selected randomly from a list of people who either have driver's licenses, state IDs, or who have requested to have their name on the list, and once you've been selected, you can't be picked again for 5 years. most people get excused, the rest sit around in the courthouse and get $10/day (in Maine) for up to a month, but usually less. eh, information.

newsy encyc.

Wikipedia's "In the news" feature is just about the coolest thing I've seen recently. Half of the reason I avoid reading the news is because I don't know the backstorys.

also, they redesigned recently, I wasn't sure until it was pointed out on some blogs, but anyways. it's nice looking.

my order of informal reasearch tools still goes: e2, google, wikipedia.


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