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annoyed at self-portraits

Why do people on flickr feel the need to post *eight* photos of themself in their Halloween costume? Who needs more than two? (or, you know, zero. informative and/or pretty, but not abundant.)

catalog of subway art

NYC subway art

flickr - eyehand

people draw photos of themseves. on flickr, side by side. Kottke or boingboing blogged this.

bitter dose (absinthe)

a far cry from the shit we made: Wired Magazine on Absinthe. Kelly and I drank some the other night. Go ahead and make a face but when I say "it's not so bad," I mean that I intend to finish that quart jar over the next couple years.

The [Modern] Jungle

The Believer - Carnivores, Capitalists, and the Meat We Read... "meat writing," "modern, industrial steak"

fnord makes portland headlines!

What is the story with The Bollard? It has no masthead info/other information on its website. Nothing but content, god damn them! Anyway, they have an interview with the fnord guy. It runs just like any interview with a 22 year old anti-establishment kid. (well, actually, the writing and questions are pretty good.)

I think The Bollard may be joining The West End News' "Dumpster" column as my favorite local news source. It'd be better if the articles weren't popups, though. (Portland, Maine)

"this is so Maine"

Congress St.: "This is what the main street through the biggest 'city' in the state of Maine looks like at mid-day." (Portland, Maine)

busy updating profile.

... updating my friendster profile. Also: Halloween costume pics from M&A's party.

the black death & aids

gene from black death survivors apparently blocks aids too. at PBS. via slashdot. gross picture of boils.

R. Stevens recommends

Transmetropolitan (a comic book)

halloween costume

things to get tomorrow: boots at good cause (probably gone), fireman helmet at the dollar store (also probably gone), reflective tape at ace hardware, black stuff for my face at the dollar store or hannaford. alternatively: get new costume idea.

new internet reading

Sexpigeon should be regular reading. Sometimes includes: sex, art, youth, 2nd person, 4 paragraph short stories. Somewhat nonsensical sometimes.

how to back up dvds

how to back up dvds. mac os x. via lifehacker.

art in a moleskine

room view (from My Moleskine Artists, via danny gregory)

"write-once-read-many anonymous, persistent and globally shared filesystem"

Store files in tinyurl (service that makes a short url that redirects to your longer url of choice) TinyDisk. Neat idea/roof-of-concept as much as anything.

This title is fun.

flash drive camera

I've been secretly obsessed with tiny low-quality digital cameras for a year or more now. Wicked tempting: Philips Key007... $34 at ebay. I can't explain it... 64 mb, 640x480, 3.4" x 1.1" x .7". ugly. Alternatively: Trancend JetFlash DSC - 128 mb, 640x480, 3.2" x 1.2" x .6", shiny. $55.60 at some random computer store.

But then I did see $10 rain boots at the Good Cause today, and those also rated around "wicked tempting." (as well as: plane tickets, new apartment, more bus travel.)


It's Halloween at A List Apart!

I vaguely want to read this article at ALA if only for the title: Attack of the Zombie Copy. The blurb on Lifehacker was nearly zombie itself though.

Ralph Nader

really enjoyed this bit on him at Uncertain Principles; especially the comments on alternative energy development, and dialog on some of Nader's wackjob assertions.

happy food

I find these bento box food pictures really disturbing. And that's before I noticed how many mini hot dogs are in there.


"... you don't even have the work ethic to finish a bowl of raisin bran these days, much less a short story." (defective yeti)

new internet reading

Harper's Weekly Review

From this week: "A poll found that President Bush's job approval rating among African Americans was 2 percent, plus or minus 3.4 percentage points."

Kelly recommends

Liberty News TV - 'super-left-wing tv, somehow a cross between The Daily Show and a parody of Fox News.'

Glenn recomends

The Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT; he saw some things they were doing at the PopTech conference, such as a milk quality tester that is easily built for a few dollars.


a mom takes pictures with her cell phone of the lunches she makes for her kids -- bento moblog

links from a long august at work

using python with mysql
unix find command
"how to learn python"
why's poignant guide to ruby
tcsh builtin commands
relational integrity
extremely detailed thing about sharpening
"introduction" to sharpening

"what the internet should be"

I heard that 95% of the residents of Tolland, Massachusetts use the town website ( saves the town thousands in printing and administrative costs every year. this is "what the internet should be" -- information dense, accessible. not that I've spent any time on the tolland website to make any personal judgement of its usefulness. - what do they do?

Maine Share- For Maine's Future

candidate for maine governor?

nancy oden - Google Search

saving web pages

"Slogger" is a Firefox extension to save web pages you visit... howto at Lifehacker

for future reference

blogger template tags

day o' insulting things

"The sustainable-food movement has a class problem.." A thoroughly blah and boring article, no-fucking-duh, but maybe it will be better when I read it later. As a counterexample to the claim that sustainable food is an upper-class thing, I'd link to Portland's Winter Cache Project, but they have no internet presence. (they have an awesome book though). Granted, Portland Maine doesn't have the same city-country dichotomy as larger cities, and the people who organize the Winter Cache Project have a certain amount of privilege in order to devote time to it &c.

so freaking what.

kottke thinks "tumblelogs" are something new. or interesting. I hate weblog trends! it's not special! bleh!

winter is coming!

It's pretty silly taking snowboarding pictures, because all you see is a windburnt crescent of cheek: me, snowboarding.


And this threatens to make me more braindead: Hidden Markov Models, more hmms

looking up plant pigments for chem lab

The Chemistry of Autumn Colors. At the bottom of that page is a really pretty picture of a red oak leaf.

100 Novels

Time Magazine's list of 100 novels. Lots of buzz on this. So skeptical of "best of all time" lists. Even more skeptical when it comes from Time Magazine. I've read 23 of them.

really pretty un-money

Noney. It being late, I sent off an email offering Mexican chocolate cookies and home-screenprinted patches.


Against Me, Ghost Mice, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Erin Tobey at Plan-It-X Records. They have some MP3s.

Jug Band!!

oh, man, how'd I get so excited by this? The Half Moon Jug Band is playing at Acoustic Coffee on October 28 at 7pm. Hear them at cdbaby. Anyways, I'm totally going. (Portland, Maine)

Vaginal Sci-Fi and Fantasy!

Spring 2005 webzine at All About My Vagina

more Markov chains

apparently Markov chains can also be used to imitate natural language; dude (Jason L. Hutchens) "got the program to learn by talking to Net users" (read here: How my program passed the Turing Test)

at the sf & fantasy wiki

Women in science fiction

future reading?

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy & Utopia (my post title is a pun!)

spent some time in the Egyptian exhibits at the Metropolitan Museam of Art

it's like a Pharoh's beard (meaning no disrespect)

"Anti-Rape Devices"

art exhibition called ImpenetrableDevices

this is a spider web on drugs.

webs made by spiders on drugs

mac sketch app

FlySketch - for quick drawing in any context. also does screen captures (move the window over the stuff to capture) and lets you mark the screen captures up. wicked. (mac os x)

juicy hometown news

recent big drug busts in "seacoast" area (Kittery, Portsmouth)


mangel-wurzels - giant beets, P.G. Wodehouse

Malcom Gladwell on khakis, advertising, gender

Listening to Khakis


"Holy reclaimed afternoon, Batman!" (scheduling small actions between slacking... I like "lifehacks" but f using them.)

"Algorithmic Beauty"

Lindenmayer system - sets of rules used to model growth of plants and to make fractals. The "Game of Life" (aka Cellular Automaton) is one. Fibbonaci numbers can be generated by them. For extreme Lindenmayer System exposure, check out The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, a book on math and drawing plants. This is like that flash Adam made a few years back...

graphical representations of some Lindenmayer systems

via article on Safari's canvas, via a curiousity about making Dashboard widgets. (Mac OS X)

Why do they make this shit seem like fake math in middle & high school? Why are they reluctant to let kids near mathematical notation? (related: why don't they teach middle schoolers programming?)

Radical Cartography (website)

the shape of South America

... the shape of South America is stable; like letterforms, ... it is not any one shape in particular, but a set of relationships.

multimedia on Maine

videos & other shit about Maine

the apartment search is on...

press herald classifieds, usm off campus housing board, craigslist - maine apartments for rent, craigslist - maine sublets.

(Portland, Maine)


jesse's bookmarklets

this is where Apple Event webcasts live

(does that make it sound like there are archived streams there? -- there aren't.)

if I ever feel the urge to buy wine

... I'll still be cheap. The Morning News recommends 12 cheap wines.

csa site

with vegetable pictures: Live Earth Farm CSA. especially: kale, chard, and aliens.

another picture of dionsaur kale


James Tiptree Jr. - scifi author. actually a woman (one dude wrote about how masculine Tiptree's writing was, was later caught on security cameras eating his words)

Terry Pratchett - read some of this, supposedly Going Postal is his best work... meh.

Jeff Noon - most known for Vurt (which I have in my posession, to read as soon as I finish the Angela Carter one I've been off-again-on-again about recently). best book is supposedly Falling Out of Cars


Wolf Parade - another incarnation of Arcade Fire, who I haven't really gotten into (the name makes me think too much of emo)... via WUNH

The Fruit Bats - from Bev's car at Dykes on Hikes

The Be Good Tanyas - my mother's music. "The littlest bird makes the prettiest song..."




Where to get Macouns: that place out in Alfred, or at Apple Acre Farm on Durgin Town Road (a back road out of Cornish).

In-town local apple sightings: MacIntoshes... fucking everywhere. Also everywhere are Ginger Golds and Cortlands. At the Public Market there are Paula Reds and possibly Jonagolds. Macouns were $7.49/bag at the Wednesday Farmer's market.

(Portland, Maine)


move the vertices around so that no lines cross: Planarity


Played "Settlers of Catan" the other night; it was like Civilization, but distilled into boardgame form and more fun because it's with people. I want to play again.

wood heat more popular this winter

duh. the P Herald highlights wood pellet stove sales... article also has info about pellet, wood, and oil costs.

kittery wants it

Town calls for sex club probe


measurement of the shape of objects

medical image format: DICOM

lots of info about the format, os x DICOM viewer

action: read later.

what is convolution?

Huygens Essential Deconvolution Package

cooking oils

everything ever about cooking oils

osx/darwin commandline things

Unix Commands Unique to Darwin

blogger bookmarklet

"find it here" or, this is it too: BlogThis!

markov? polov!

markov chains: math. sequence where each next state is determined only by the current state, and independent of any previous state. used for weather prediction, google pagerank, gene sequencing... pattern analysis and statistics. USM MAT 461. monopoly is an accessible example. info at wikipedia, e2.


who I am