scrap pad


Ironic Sans: Idea: The Histogram as the Image. via daring fireball.

web hosting

jeff croft mentioned liking WebFaction hosting.

was gone, now I'm back

I've been in Portland and at the Common Ground Fair for the past week, computer-free.

future farming

on the future of farm yields. scary.


Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site - New York Times.


blogging Ramadan. via ethan zuckerman.


... what most people were really looking for—or at least, what most people have responded to since such things became available—were web gizmos as easy as farting and as addictive as cigarettes. “Social software.” “Web 2.0.” Swimming pools, movie stars.


At least in most offices, you can’t masturbate at your desk. But you can Tweet.

funny parts from a post I don't care about: Zeldman on joining Facebook.

bear warning

in case you're ever in grizzly country. via natalie downe.

iPod touch

iPhone features the iPod touch lacks. via df.

Mike recommends's jobs board.

escalating investment

Lessons on the surge from economics 101 - comparing our investment in the war in Iraq to an economics teaching problem. snappy. via df.


Billable - mac os x billing app.


anisotropic: stretches differently (or is stronger, or ...) in different directions. (def'n)


making steel molds for injection-molded plastic: Made in China: Precision. That blog has had some pretty cool posts on the manufacturing process behind chumbys.


how to prepare a kiwi. via evil mad scientist labs.

powerbook battery arrived today

and it is awesome to have 2:50 of battery life again. internetting on the porch, here I come. (talking about this powerbook battery.)

tshirt + text-service

Reactee. the tshirt has a slogan and instructions to text a keyword to a short text #. the texter gets a canned response (or your latest twitter), you get the texter's number. The slogan and the keyword are customizable. interesting: linking a physical good to a service, and to bring low-investment interaction from the web to, uh, meatspace. on the other hand, I'd be wicked embarrassed to wear or respond to one.

apple cider vinegar

mike just asked me:

how do you take apple cider vinegar? can you mix 1 teaspoon in with water once daily? any danger to taking too much? i hear its a good detox. how do you consume?

email-advice columnist that I am, I sent this reply:

There's no danger of taking too much (or, you won't want to drink too much). If you have some daily ailment, somebody will tell you it can be cured with apple cider vinegar. You can drink 1 tsp to 1 tbsp in 16oz water (more or less water, whatever is palatable); sometimes adding honey makes it better. I drink it sometimes when I get really dehydrated and it helps a lot; it's like a sports drink, but old fashioned. I find it clears my mouth because it's acidic rather than sugary.

I should probably also add that it can be bad to drink concentrated acidic things, because it can eat away at the enamel on your teeth, so don't down a tablespoon of vinegar in a tiny cup of water. (also, Coca Cola is a somewhat concentrated acidic thing.)


no more 4GB iPhone, $200 price drop in 8GB

only ~2 months after it was introduced. Daring Fireball on today's iPhone price cut:

Apple didn’t cut the price because demand is low — they set the debut price ridiculously high because demand was ridiculously high. I suspect that for the first few weeks, they were selling iPhones as fast as they could make them. ... (And for those of you who’ve already bought one and are pissed about the price cut, if you didn’t think the iPhone was worth $599, you shouldn’t have bought it. That’s how supply and demand works.)

last day of work coming up

looking forward to going here on Friday, my last day of VISTA: Megami Bento-Ya Restaurant.

Also, for the record: even though I will be done with work this Friday, I am not looking for more work until at least October 1. The only work I'll be doing for the rest of September is for friends and family, and if we haven't already talked about a project, you're too late. It's called "vacation"! (long, slackadaisical vacation).

home cheesemaking

interview about home cheesemaking with the curdnerds guy.

making cheese

8 steps in cheesemaking. via seriouseats.


lyrics to a bunch of songs Woody Guthrie sang.

christmas shopping already

Photon II LED keychain light. possible stocking stuffer.

leopard dock

Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) dock on the side - I'm going to cry if I have to use this. via daring fireball.


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