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pay equity

this page talks about the earnings discrepancy between men and women. but has no data against the three counterarguments it provides, which is what I was looking for.

the pdf report (released by the Department of Labor in 2004) linked by that page is perfect, though! among other things, it has a chart of women's earnings vs. men's, categorized by profession (p. 12).

thought on wording: "wage/salary discrepancy" vs. "earnings discrepancy" -- the second doesn't encompass sex distribution across different jobs, the first implies compairison between men and women in the same field... which is easier to talk about, because it eliminates a variable, where the second talks about two problems in one innocuous phrase. (heh)

christmas tree ads

I'm a sucker for this kind of thing: christmas tree ad collection

rolling cheese

you saw Sony's bouncy balls commercial? it's parodied in cheese (original bouncy balls)

Jess recommends

BMI Baby, a european airline that does short hops wicked cheap. the web site is really nice, too, and will give the price of the flight on days around when you're planning to fly.

What Will We Do With the Baby-o

finally found the lyrics to this song. I have a version by the Kossoy Sisters (album from yana, now I'm obsessed with it). What'll We Do With the Baby-o Lyrics. Who is Kristin Hersh, btw? (she does a lot of the same songs as the Kossoy Sisters)

radio-added AirTunes

My AirTunes (via an Airport Express) is passing along a radio signal along with the music. Yuck! I found (and added to) this thread at the Mac OS X Hints forums: Airtunes picks up radio signal. My comments there:

I'm getting a radio signal along with my AirTunes through the Airport Express, and as far as I can tell, the interference started after I put in a new cable modem. The interference definitely comes in via the Airport Express (it doesn't start until I start playing something on my computer). It isn't in the cable between the Airport Express and the stereo reciever, because I can plug that directly into my headphone jack and the music comes through fine. It isn't in the signal between my computer and the Airport, because as someone mentioned before, that is encrypted. The only difference in set-up between clear sound and radio-added sound is the new cable modem.

Anyways, the new modem is a Toshiba PCX2500, the old was a PCX1100U (which is being phased out by my cable company... we were getting a bunch of packet loss, general slow internet through it).

kittery organizational skills

the new community center has been a hot topic in my home town recently... and apparently, they lost the file on it. Portsmouth Herald Local News: File on community center goes missing

Walking in Scotland

some hikes in Scotland. I guess they call them "walks" there though.

scottish youth hostels


Ferry routes

fun interactive map of ferries in Europe: Direct Ferries - Ferry routes. I plan to take the ferry from Northern Ireland to Scotland.


I considered making this vegan lasagna last night, but... meh. I made one with cheese.

homosexuality in the bible

Jonathan Loved David (more prioritized explaination)

Wenatchee, Washington

Wenatchee, Washington. this is where the americorps program I applied to is. but I said I was into science and math, where the program is focused on reading tutoring... anyways, I probably sounded literate at least. Wentachee looks pretty. *hope hope hope*

I was pretty busy a few minutes ago comparing the weather graphs from Wenatchee to my current home town, Portland, Maine.

Thin Mint Recipe

fancy cookies. 101 Cookbooks - Thin Mint Recipe - homemade and all-natural

mmm beans

beautiful dried beans at Rancho Gordo (Black Calypso Beans, among others). via 101 cookbooks.

union filesystems

"Holy implicitly duplicated files, Batman!"

interesting: Union Filesystems... puts a filesystem on top of an existing one, allowing someone to modify and add files without changing the original. weak: can delete files from the original. also weak: files are linked by name, probably. (mac os x. kind of a hack. via 2lmc spool)


just used PDFLab to put some jpegs together into a pdf. it was really easy and nice. it is mac os x software.

womens studies reading quote

"speak one's mind by telling all one's heart" (cited as "Rogers, in press")

(from a reading for women's studies: Reframing daughtering and mothering). anyways the quote sits wrong with me.

pretty warships

"Razzle Dazzle" painted warships. the ships in WWI were painted crazy patterns (somewhat derived from cubism) to make them more difficult to target (u-boats used visual targeting). the pictures are really pretty (like this one of the Mahomet), and look like something someone artsy would think up and put in a gallery. via kottke.

I'll Fly Away

In December I was obsessed with Alison Krauss's rendition of I'll Fly Away... I recently heard a version done in 1959, by the Kossoy Sisters: I'll Fly Away. (cross-posted, just so noone misses it! It's bluegrassy.)

math: group theory/symmetry

Group Theory: What is symmetry?: "Group theory lets you see the similarities between different things, or the ways in which things can't be different, by expressing the fundamental symmetries."

Man Writes Poem

from today's writer's alamanac:

Man Writes Poem

This just in a man has begun writing a poem
in a small room in Brooklyn. His curtains
are apparently blowing in the breeze. We go now
to our man Harry on the scene, what's

the story down there Harry? "Well Chuck
he has begun the second stanza and seems
to be doing fine, he's using a blue pen, most
poets these days use blue or black ink so blue

is a fine choice. His curtains are indeed blowing
in a breeze of some kind and what's more his radiator
is 'whistling' somewhat. No metaphors have been written yet,
but I'm sure he's rummaging around down there

in the tin cans of his soul and will turn up something
for us soon. Hang on—just breaking news here Chuck,
there are 'birds singing' outside his window, and a car
with a bad muffler has just gone by. Yes ... definitely

a confirmation on the singing birds." Excuse me Harry
but the poem seems to be taking on a very auditory quality
at this point wouldn't you say? "Yes Chuck, you're right,
but after years of experience I would hesitate to predict

exactly where this poem is going to go. Why I remember
being on the scene with Frost in '47, and with Stevens in '53,
and if there's one thing about poems these days it's that
hang on, something's happening here, he's just compared the curtains

to his mother, and he's described the radiator as 'Roaring deep
with the red walrus of History.' Now that's a key line,
especially appearing here, somewhat late in the poem,
when all of the similes are about to go home. In fact he seems

a bit knocked out with the effort of writing that line,
and who wouldn't be? Looks like ... yes, he's put down his pen
and has gone to brush his teeth. Back to you Chuck." Well
thanks Harry. Wow, the life of the artist. That's it for now,

but we'll keep you informed of more details as they arise.

by Jay Leeming, from Dynamite on a China Plate.

alternative alphabetical orders

Alternative Alphabetical Orders at McSweeny's (via this mefi discussion on alphabetical order via kottke)

Thank You For Smoking titles

Font Spotting the Thank You for Smoking Titles at Typographica. via kottke.

Hard Candy

not sure what to think of this movie. too lazy to regurgitate NPR's quick review. Apple - Trailers - Hard Candy - In Select Cities April 14th, 2006


I posted at circuitous. I mentioned love twice there recently but haven't actually worried about it for months and months. I don't think.


also from eyeteeth: picture of Kilamanjaro 30 years ago and today, pointing out global warming. wow.

yoko ono

I've been reading eyeteeth. here is a post on a bit of Yoko Ono's art, 'Cut Piece':

Considering the time (1964), Ono's gender and Japanese heritage, the work is, to me, profound and frightening, conjuring thoughts about sacrifice, the outward manifestations of power and class, and the very real possibility of a simmering deviance beneath the surface of our culture...

a movie of the 1965 performance (the first was in 1964)

blogging for organizations

"A Blog Can Be Like a Business Lunch" (suggestions about the use and tone of blogs for organizations)... and "How to keep blogs from scaring the hell out of people" (Anil Dash on breaking blogs gently). Both via Anil Dash.

(cross posted from my work blog, work scrap pad)

The Falkirk Wheel

instead of a lock, this canal connects with another (115 feet/25 meters below it) via a giant wheel. The Falkirk Wheel. also: construction photos. via Damn Interesting (in turn via 2lmc spool), which I intend to read obsessively, for ever.

information on minerals

USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries. super, super useful for info about production and use of various minerals in the US. I've used it for info about gold (today) and tantalum (last semester).

san francisco mint

read this article on the defense of the san francisco mint during the 1906 fire. Grace Under Fire. via kottke. especially noted:

... the Panic of 1857, a three-year economic downturn triggered in part by the loss of 15 tons of California gold when the SS Central America sank in a hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas. [Some dude] could only imagine the consequences if the mint gold—nearly 30 times the value of that carried by the Central America—were to be lost.

brendan sailing

brendan will be sailing, at least briefly, on the Alma, a schooner out by San Francisco. She is a flat-bottomed, scow-nosed schooner built in 1891, the last of her kind. more of the same info: Alma National Historic Landmark Nomination.

environmental impact of gold mining and processing

Gold Mining and Processing -- The High Cost of Gold Jewelry. some other tidbits about gold stuff... though beware the sprinkle of quick statistics... ie, one page there says, "smelting adds about 142 million tons of sulfur dioxide to the atmosphere every year -- 13 percent of total global emissions." this doesn't say a lot about gold-specific problems: smelting is not a gold-only process. etc. And then there's the fact that most gold is used in industry: circuit boards, cell phones, stuff. etc. (in fact, one of the reasons that recycling cell phones is economically viable, to the point where companies will buy old cell phones to recycle them, is that there is a bunch of gold in them when you get tons of phones.)

ok, I was completely wrong with the part about "most gold is used in industry." of gold mined in the United States, the distribution goes something like: "jewelry and arts, 85%; electrical and electronics, 7%; dental, 3%; and other, 5%." (from the USGS's summary, pdf/google cache).

reworked clothes

this old thing?. I want to say, "exquisitely tailored"... anyways, carefully done, detailed, etc. especially: awesome awesome details on these white shirts. and a coat of note. via coolhunting.

Bill Gates introduces Vista (mashup)

Microsoft Vista feature presentation - Google Video hahaha, thanks adam!

Feds Pounce on Student Dresses As a Ninja -

Feds Pounce on Student Dresses As a Ninja - via uncertain principles

men's shoes

pretty much classic men's shoes, but scuffed and pushed for the hipster set. Ted Baker Shoes at interestingly displayed: most of them have their toes bent up. specifically, I like this boot, but not in that color (or, of course, for that price).

screenprinted clothing

kind of interesting jackets. also, not screenprinted, but: neat button-up shirt

bacon band-aids

Bacon Strip Bandages via mighty goods.

'cute' homelessness awareness ad campaign

Spare change?

swiki basics

Swiki Overview (on some random site)

rube goldberg machines

12 minutes of video, from a japanese tv show. via waxy links.

food in Argentina

Argentina On Two Steaks A Day (via waxy links)

Macworld 1997 - Steve Jobs' return

full version at YouTube.

comic: Square City

this page is awesome. (the rest is pretty good, too)

"digital photo-realist"

holy shit: "digital painting" of a Chicago rail scene. (via drawn)

star spangled banner

for serious, this rendition at M3 Online is awesome: Sufjan Stevens: "The Star Spangled Banner"

thank you notes

read this before, read it today, should read it again. How to Write a Thank-You Note at The Morning News (re-pointed-out by a guest blogger at

FedEx logo

interview with its designer. (did you know there's an arrow in it?) (via daring fireball)

bizarre 80s music video

"Einstein a Go-Go" at YouTube. via cliph (

better watch out
better beware
albert said e
equals m c squared

"autism epidemic"

Respectful Insolence: Evidence against an "autism epidemic" (via good math bad math)

8 glasses of water a day

"'Drink at Least 8 Glasses of Water a Day' - Really?" :

... the notion may have started when the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council recommended approximately "1 milliliter of water for each calorie of food," which would amount to roughly two to two-and-a-half quarts per day (64 to 80 ounces). Although in its next sentence, the Board stated "most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods," that last sentence may have been missed, so that the recommendation was erroneously interpreted as how much water one should drink each day.

via a comment at lifehacker

grass armchair

interesting trick of design. grass armchair. via kottke['s guest blogger].


Jen passed this on: Realities of Going Primitive - links to, which has an anti-science and technology bent that makes me unhappy. I partially agree with this statement: Technology is more than wires, silicon, plastic, and steel. It is a complex system involving division of labor, resource extraction, and exploitation for the benefit of those who implement its process. but I think it refers to our society's version of progress, and I don't think (or maybe just "would hate to think") that this is true for all uses and developments of technology. Also: dude, you're using a computer. You're using "time-saving technology" to get your word out more quickly. bah, self, ignore the bait. was much more understanding of the gradients of wildness (practical rewilding... not much I'm going to try there, but there is a section on pooping! which I enjoyed, though don't look for me pooping in Deering Oaks any time soon. Or squatting on my toilet... now I want to draw a picture of someone squatting on their toilet.)

design/peace tshirt

"drop shadows not bombs" (via preshrunk)

the New York Times redesigned

letter to readers, re: redesign. I have a *big* problem with the text size (too small), and none of the site resizes well. However, the new Today's Paper section will probably get me reading regularly.

kb recommends

this column by Michael Chabon

Earthworm Jim

Mid 90s video game turned cartoon. Never seen it, but in a search for quotes involving "doom" and "homer" (Iliad-Homer, not yellow-Homer), I came across some quotes. Now I'm curious. Earthworm Jim Quotes, Earthworm Jim Quotes by episode or something. (wikipedia on ewj, more storyline at e2)

loud sex

my roommate says, re: the downstairs neighbors, that "anyone who moans that loud is faking it... women [and men] get crazy ideas from pornography"... and then, "YOUR SEX IS FAKE! FIGHT THE PATRIARCHY!"

Portland musician

the date on this article is just one day off: "Do you know Glade Swope?" at The Bollard.

oatmeal stout

recipe at, recipe at beer bottling procedure.

April Fools 2000 at Google

Google MentalPlex. The "search results" page is google before there were ads.

kikoman soy sauce ad



who I am