scrap pad

office backup

am looking in to a backup solution for work; found this discussion: someone looking for a backup recommendation for small non-profit. One responder suggested using windows' built-in backup program, which I didn't know existed. a few suggested that users should keep all their data on the server, and just the server should be backed up. I cannot imagine that working at all at my work!

think tank studying "knowledge processes"

Blue Oxen Associates looks like an interesting company-thing (think tank?), but has it done anything since january 2005 (the date of the last blog headline)? grr. though they must still exist, because I found their link from some guy's profile at Their intro makes them look fascinating:

Blue Oxen Associates is a think tank devoted to studying and improving high-performance collaboration. We are particularly interested in studying knowledge processes -- how we share and acquire knowledge, and how we use tools to augment our abilities to inform, to learn, and to collaborate.

resumé makeover

it's like a photo touch-up tutorial but for resumés. feeling ridiculous for enjoying reading it. Give your resumé a makeover at lifeclever.

scholarship for blogging college students

Announcing The Blogging Scholarship - Scholarships Around the US. $5000. wtf, people vote on it? that's dumb.

anton barbeau

awesome awesome music: anton barbeau. been seeing him play live Monday nights at the Red Square but now that's closed.

I reviewed his album "Drug Free" on the iTunes music store (temporarily suspended ITMS hate). goofy, but:

My favorites from this are "Drug Free" and "Leave It With Me, I'm Always Gentle." The songwriting combines snapshot detail with not-quite-nonsense imagery. At first listen, they're interesting and odd; every subsequent listen adds another dimension. Actually, the whole album works that way.

sample size in polling

Halfway There: A primer on polling

office tech support

for me, the most frustrating thing about doing general office tech support isn't ingnorant users, it's how fiddly applications are. if you drag-and-drop to one place, it works; to another, it doesn't. preferences ('options...' here in windows-land) are hidden--not only in the tabs of the options window itself, but within obscure panels tucked inside a specific feature. applications throw unnecessary or nonsensical alerts (error -38z72 pops up, but there are no apparent changes in the application's behavior), don't let you do obvious things (like print at 150% size). current objects of frustration: powerpoint, adobe acrobat pro.

Clifford - Hurricane Scroll I

three beautiful wave (hurricane wave) pictures: Clifford Ross | Hurricane Scroll I. via kottke.

seperating content from action

and you thought it was enough to seperate content and style. now take out those onclicks, too. Behavior is a neat script that lets you to apply javascript actions to html elements by css selector (often class or id attributes). Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours.

microformats - About microformats (a whole organization! about microformats! that's really silly! possibly also cool, not sure yet.)


Ian asked me if I could name all 50 states. I missed New Jersey, Nebraska, and Rhode Island.

The Combahee River Collective Statement

I looked for this last spring, and couldn't find it, so I resolved to geurilla-post it when I got my hands on the book: The Combahee River Collective Satement. It was seminal in linking the oppressions of sex, race, and class (summing it up like that really doesn't do justice to the ideas it contains).

thinking about

I see looks of suprise on men's faces when I say "I am yelled at in the street" or "I am afraid to go to the convenience store" or "I don't appreciate it when you hold the door for me." while these things are relatively minor in my life, they need to be said. I think it's very, very important to tell about the fear, inequity, and abuse in our daily lives; the knowledge of these things has to be a constant presence in order to fight against them. When I hear these things from others, I feel scared and sad, but I also feel more serious about the things I believe in.

I was reading around p. 102 (starts on p. 97) of this MIT Journal of Middle Eastern Studies Gender Nation and Belonging: Arab and Arab American Feminist Perspectives (direct pdf link). order of magnitude difference.

also, some quotes from the article I was reading, "Reflections on Sex, Silence, and Feminism," by Nathalie Handal. quotes of quotes!

quote from Evelyne Accad:

Unless a sexual revolution is incorporated into political revolution, there will be no real transformation of social relations... By sexual revolution, I mean a revolution that starts at the personal level, with a transformation of attitudes toward one’s mate, family, sexuality, society, and specifically a transformation of the traditional relations of domination and subordination that permeate interpersonal relationships, particularly those of sexual and familial intimacy.

from Evelyne Accad, "Body Image and Breast Cancer" in Al Raida, XX.99 (Fall 2002/2003), p.12

quote from Suha Sabbagh:

Western feminism, of course, is grounded in Western thought, ideology, and values. Arab women’s struggle is equally grounded in the religious, cultural, and political norms of the Arab world. According to some Arab women, it is a difficult if not impossible task to write about Islamic feminism in a climate that assumes the universal supremacy of Western feminism. They believe that Western feminism is rejected by Muslim women because it calls for a form of cultural conversion at a time when the West is seen by them to be a dominating force.

from Suha Sabbagh, Arab Women: Between Defiance and Restraint. (New York: Interlink, 1996),p. xxiv-xxv

and from Handal herself:

Women globally face sexual, physical, and mental oppression, masochism, discrimination, and inequality. We want to include our battles with other American and Western feminists, create important alliances and dialogue as equals. Dominant cultures tend to impose their views and values on other societies who do not have the same moral and social norms. We want to make clear that aligning ourselves does not mean erasing our cultural and social specificity and/or differences. We want to be constructive, not spend our time defending our religion and culture instead of fighting against the real offenders: power and patriarchy.

Nathalie Handal, "Reflections on Sex, Silence, and Feminism" in Gender Nation and Belonging, Arab and Arab American Feminist Perspectives,, p. 104

future clothes

kb: this post reminded me of you. A Dress A Day: Empress of Everything (less about the dress than the commentary on it.)

also, periodic clothes-I-would-never-wear obsession returns: that blog, A Dress A Day, has me hooked (probably temporarily). written by the dictionary lady (Erin McKean), whose talk I caught on poptech live. previous fashion reads: Broad&Market ("philly street fashion") and English Cut (Saville Row tailor).


"democracy now, anarchy later" (probably colbert report; this is unhealthy)

Tom Coates' 'Future of Web Apps' slides

I really enjoyed this presentation (presented feb 2006): Tom Coates' 'Future of Web Apps' slides (direct link to 16mb pdf) (the type was a little obtrusive because of the b/B/d/D/p/q/R curves and the xes, but otherwise nice).

notes (or, direct transcriptions of the slides) for quick reading later:

What is web 2.0? "A web of data sources, services for exploring and manipulating data, and ways that users can connect them together" (slide 16)

Some core components (slide 37):

  • Data sources
  • Standard ways of representing data
  • Identifiers & URLs
  • Mechanisms for distributing data
  • Ways to interact with / enhance data
  • Rights frameworks & financial

(what I've been thinking about a bit at work: data sources, ways to interact, rights frameworks)

re: housing policy interface design:

Paralell data representations (slide no. 59)

  • Destination Page - A core first-order concept and its subordinate information
  • List-view page - A slice of your data used to navigate between first-order conepts
  • Manipulation Interface - Interface for the batch manipulation of first-order concepts

Also, slide 64: Native to a Web of Data

  1. Look to add value to the Aggregate Web of data
  2. Build for normal users, developers, and machines
  3. Start designing with data, not with pages
  4. I dentify your first order objects and make them addressable
  5. Use readable, reliable, and hackable URLs
  6. Correlate with external identifier schemes
  7. Build list views and batch manipulation interfaces
  8. Create parallel data services using standards [ie RSS]
  9. Make your data as discoverable as possible

accepting "web 2.0"

"Web 2.0 (web-as-platform)": wow, that phrasing really makes sense and I had never put 2.0 and 2.0 together like that before. recently I have been using the phrase "web 2.0" un-ironically (though not without a vague sense of having been buzz-worded into the future).

(phrase seen at this december 2005 blog post about the future of web apps conference: The Future of Web Apps; I am drooling over web 2.0 conferences these days).

cooking with feminists

this stupid media is addictive. YouTube - Colbert, Steinem and Fonda. via

movie on the long tail

"the audience is up to something"? 'they' may not be in glass towers these days, but the idea of fully empowered audiences is certainly a 'new media'/'web 2.0' romanticism. I was also confused by the image of a closed "Mom's Travel Agency" followed by voices in 'glass towers' talking about how to compete with empowered audiences. YouTube - Day of the Longtail.

tree tour on bike

Sacramento, "City of Trees." Sunday November 12, when I will not be in town I think. Bicycle Tree Tour! - Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen.


privilege: when I assume someone is has the same race/class as I do, and get all "ohhhh" when I find out they don't. Edward James Olemos. (reading White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, by Peggy McIntosh this spring was really empowering in terms of realizing where I have and use race and class privilege.)

Amy Goodman on the Colbert Report - 10/5/2006

talking about embeded reporters. colbert manages to be quiet for most of it. YouTube - Amy Goodman on the Colbert Report - 10/5/2006

online file manager screen shots

Joyent Screen Shots: I think it's really interesting that people are creating filesystem interfaces on the web... not that it's suprising. there are just two fs interfaces available to people in general (ie, the OS X Finder and Windows Explorer), and definitely it's a fascinating problem.

its difficult to give people desktop options: ever heard of Path Finder? or any of these 10?

p.s. anyone have a copy of BeOS lying around? (my hope of ever seeing that in action is fading)


"cutting code" (heard in this Apple profile of 37signals).

im in ur srvr eatin ur dataz

GOING TO THE MOON, BRB. cat pictures. via

what is podcasting?

"I look forward to feeding you apple pie! Soon!" (ninja explaination of podcasting).

ninja explaination of net neutrality: "that's what the internet is all about: people in funny hats make something that people like." "and then they're like, no, you can't see it, because we have this big wall built out of the shredded first amendment."

(both via What's Pop!Tech? Ask a ninja..., one of Ethan Zuckerman's Pop!Tech posts)

still reconstructing home radio

listen to Car Talk online.


it freaks me out how much my responses are just form letters; someone was talking to me about a video on someone's myspace profile. "there was this video of two girls kissing," he was saying, and there I was smiling and nodding. Which really upsets me, that I am not responding to things like this with the way I feel: why are you telling me this? I have no interest in that, and I could give you socio-political commentary about it but you've heard it so just stop! those particular socio-political arguments are ideals I hold and that are part of the way I want to live my daily life.

who are these people using web 2.0 for real things?

my supervisor is pushing web 2.0 with the Proposition 1c campaign he's working with. he recommended they put the prop 1c tv ad on youtube.

download videos from youtube

video downloader. not working for me right now, but for future reference.

radical web development collective

this looks awesome: Eggplant Active Media Workers' Collective. it's a web design and development firm that works with nonprofits, but does work beyond just providing services to clients... dev on OSS projects, web workshops for nonprofits (their upcoming workshop (october 26, montpelier VT) looks really cool), some poster design... with a radical philosophy behind it all.

public radio podcasts

  • this american life (mentioned before, they just started free podcasts last week)
  • future tense (found out about this via iTunes last month, it's ~4.5 minute story about 'technology'—aka internet things.)
  • marketplace (I just found their full show feed today, but have been listening to the two daily "morning reports" for a while)

college campus politics

Pail and Shovel Party at U Wisconsin-Madison used their political office to pull pranks. Named "Pail and Shovel" because they promised to "dump the entire penny value of the student budget onto the ground and allow students to scoop up whatever they could get with a pail and shovel." via uncertain principles.

dad recommends

the movie "The African Queen."

online bill splitter

social networking plus money: BillMonk. place to record shared bills and split them. weird.

plastic bag recycling

hah! "The resource for plastic bag and film recovery in California." There's a useful California plastic bag recycling center search though.

wordpress clone

WordPress Clone in 27 Seconds with Django. I'm still secretly obsessed with Django, but still haven't done anything about it.

spy cam -> web cam

this USB Web Camera immediately brought to mind a little spy camera brendan had at one point... sure enough, it's linked as inspiration: minox spy camera. (notes: brendan's was older; and I don't particularly like the design of that web cam)

cleaning movie

Clean your flat in sixty seconds (movie at


watch Pop!Tech sessions live (free). kottke mentioned it, so now I'm jealous that my old work is sending people (it's in my home state, and probably fucking gorgeous this time of year).

composite primary keys

syntax, cons? (uses, pros)

book about masculinity

Self-Organizing Men: about "masculinity, white privilege, power, feminism, and penises."


I keep a text file called "today" on my desktop, which sometimes piles up with stuff. I cleaned most of it out tonight, should be obvious.

mom's question

mom wants to know what I think of the movie "junebug"


my bed shakes from freight trains passing. it is a luxury to have a bed larger than the twin futon I have slept in for the past ten years.

book I wrote down

Muhammad : his life based on the earliest sources / by Martin Lings. dunno why I thought to write it down though.

dad recommends

a book called something like "learning from las vegas," on city planning and urban architecture mistakes, by a yale prof.

kubrick movies I was briefly interested in seeing

eyes wide shut, lolita

vocab questions from a book

  • nopalitos? (Mexican food involving nopal—stem segments of prickly pear)
  • mujeres? (Spanish for women)
  • empoverished? (not a word in the dictionary, at least)

music from

blues musician skip james?

secure web apps

OWASP Guide to Building Secure Web Applications

cc sentence

"[Creative Commons] licenses help you keep your copyright while inviting certain uses of your work — a "some rights reserved" copyright." (creative commons - learn more)

taking care

I generally refuse to be taken care of: as in, "take care of her, will you?" and also as in, "can I get you a cup of tea?"

being a grown-up

when you're 19, 20, and 21, it's easy to think of yourself as old. You're older than everyone you've hung out with in your entire life. But at 21 and a half, and 22, friends over 25 start to be everywhere. Not so much novelties anymore.

I was talking to girls in my office the other day, describing something in terms of 'deliciousness' and waving my spoon around. "you're so cute, with your baby face. how old are you?"

re: first paragraph, it's kind of ridiculous when I think "guys, I'm a grown-up, I'm 22!"

side note, I used to ask people, "how grown up are you?" I mostly forget about age most of the time now (or maybe it's semi-conscious denial of my own lack of it)

chivalry isn't dead

chivalry is a way of establishing a certain relationship between people. it's a dance that people do to set up gender roles. and it makes me angry. not that there's no place for it: I have certainly used it. but I don't think that there is a place for it with people who I am not flirting with! or who are friends with whom gender roles are fairly traditional (where I want to be breaking them). I realize that that's my personal preference, and I guess I'm just trying to say that it makes me angry when people make assumptions about their relationship to me, gender-wise.

(brought on by a mostly-friendly little chivalry tiff between my supervisor and I)


I like the phrase "I've got a hitch in my git-along"... I think Julie used it, but I was reminded of it here: Mighty Girl - GOOD NIGHT, NURSE!

rope videos

enjoyed these videos on basic bondage ties. from an aesthetic and informational point of view, for now.

monday night's thinking

for me, at this point: non-monogamous relationships are not about weakening and avoiding commitment; being non-monogamous is about admitting a spectrum of desire, and redefining strength (vs. traditional weakness of giving in to desire) in terms of coupling desire with emotional involvement (or something).

"polyamorous people"

last week's Control Tower at The Stranger ("Things Polyamorous People Should Know"):
Question: Even if you only fuck people of the opposite gender, does being poly make you queer, in the social/political sense? Answer: Sometimes. There are queer aspects to poly relationships, but straight poly people still get hetero privilege, and unless one consciously examines and rejects that, it's presumptuous to label oneself queer.

love this apartment

The perfect bed for Getting Things Done. though I'd repurpose the filing cabinets, I'm not that big on paper. (ben pointed me to lifeclever)

battlestar galactica cupcakes

blue vipers and red cylon raiders. BSG cupcakes on flickr.

outlook spam filter

looked into spam filters for Outlook today (for work): SpamBayes seems like a good solution. it's a statistical filter that learns from what you tell it is spam (basically Bayesian). it's pretty simple, simple enough that I think I could let our executive director loose with it though possibly I'd train it on his spam folder first. free and open source, and a quick install.

comment at ctc vista site

getting kids interested in making media:

Maybe you could introduce kids to some of the media that other kids have made? You could show some short films some afternoons or even just leave them playing on a tv/computer screen (heck, watch them yourself and kids will look over your shoulder). Introduce kids to YouTube, even: within a week of finding out about YouTube, my roommate was making and posting videos (he's not a kid, but close). I guess what kids are interested in doing--videotaping pranks and skateboarding mishaps, making obnoxious sound effects, etc--pushes the boundaries of what adults like to see, but it gets them involved... At the September PSO we saw some films from the media that matters film festival, which has a bunch of films made by 13-21 year olds (the films are all on their website, plus they'll send a dvd if you want to host a screening).


drives me nuts not to have shell access to our web space at work.

Steve Wozniak

enjoyed this video of Steve Wozniak talking about how he learned about electronics and computers as he grew up. An Evening with Steve Wozniak - Google Video (still filling the radio gap)

metadata fantasy land

I secretly want to be able to add metadata to *everything*... I'm thinking of these two arstechnica articles: Metadata, the Mac, and you (John Siracusa, 2001), and "Mac OS X now [as of 10.4] includes support for arbitrarily extensible file system metadata." (John Siracusa, 2005)

somewhat related, but more about spotlight and metadata:

Doodle, a web 2.0 scheduling app

this might make a lot of sense sometime. Doodle: Scheduling meetings.

how to "look into" a project

a good sequence of actions for when you're looking into something: powerful “look into” verbs, at 43 Folders. goes like this: web research, people research, sum up some future questions, write about what you learned. "Deciding is a kind of project outcome."

I can't quite handle the whole chock-full-o-words/self-help-book tone, though. ugh.

Postel's Law

generally quoted as "be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others."

it was stated in RFC 793 (a 1981 TCP specification):

2.10. Robustness Principle: TCP implementations will follow a general principle of robustness: be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others.

it's a backwards-compatibility thing, and and has recently been a topic of debate in forming the Atom and RSS specs.

while looking for people talking about it, I read Mark Pilgrim's "There are no exceptions to Postel's Law (funny anecdote about test cases towards the end), and Just is a Dangerous Word.

spotlight hate (not-so-mini-rant)


I've thought spotlight sucks since the first time I saw it demoed by steve jobs. I eventually began to incorporate it into my workflow, mostly because the keys are under my fingers 90% of the time anyway. but every time I use it, I am reminded how much it SUCKS. 99% of the time I am looking for a document that I have opened in the past, 75% of the time I want to be able to reveal it in the Finder, and 80% of the time I don't remember the order of the words in the name or a phrase in the document. it often does not find documents when the words in the search term are not in the same order as the words in the name, and not cache any searches or sort by frequency of use. I'm not looking for everything related to soccer! I am looking for my "php use notes" file!

also, it's ugly and slow and the window is only a partial citizen of the finder and I fucking hate the blue expanding section things. also the mousing required to get info.

I also hate spotlight's sibling, the Finder's find command. find was millions of times better when it was system 7.5's "Sherlock." partly because it wasn't live! live sucks! it is slow! the computer starts thinking real hard when you ask for jpgs but haven't yet narrowed it down to jpgs created in june of 2005.

man, if 7.5 had only had some unixy center, it would have been the ultimate OS (to heck with mac os x 10.4's squeaks and creaks). I didn't fully realize how brilliant it was until I played with it in 2003.


php 4 and mysql socket issue in OS X 10.4.4

solution to the php 4 and mysql socket issue in OS X 10.4.4 love the information-rich post title. before I was just symlinking the socket, but for some reason that breaks when I reboot (which I don't generally do, but a scratched DVD hung my computer twice last night).

Web Developer Firefox Extension

just installed this: Web Developer Extension. it has a whole bunch of web develoment tools... probably more than I'll ever use.

search for selection bookmarklet

I'm sure someone already wrote one of these, but here's my quick one: search for selected text [bookmarklet]. if I were not lazy I would put something like this in a hovering toolbar on this blog, so I could re-research unexplained things in my previous reasearch.

I word-for-word copied the cross-browser (getSelection) part of blogger's blogThis! bookmarklet code.

Nobel Peace Prize for micro loans

Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank win Nobel for micro loans. really cool, my dad has loved this idea for years. (no, I'm not saying he thought it up... I'm sure he heard it on NPR at some point :)


scabies are easier to get rid of than fleas, which are easier to get rid of than bedbugs. that is the third diagnosis of what my roommate brought home from his hostel stays this August.

Steve Wozniak on The Colbert Report

(Apple co-founder, early apple hardware mastermind) he's pretty frantic and a complete dork, but man it's cool to see him. also, his book, "iWoz"?? and the cover? he's not even freaking involved with modern apple. Steve Wozniak on The Colbert Report (at youtube). I vaguely remember him being involved with some wackjob project about putting remote locaters on your children (point being: his recent projects haven't snagged my interest). also he rides a segway... actually, um, Crazy Apple Rumors might not be the best source.

firefox keystrokes

Favourite FireFox Keystrokes. some of those are my favorite too! but mostly I needed the hint on cycling through tabs: control+tab/control+shift+tab.

firefox 3 feature brainstorming

interesting to see what people want: Firefox/Feature Brainstorming - MozillaWiki

what I want (most wanted at top):

  • really snappy back button.
  • "view source" like opera: replaces the page in the window (the back button goes back to the window), URLs in the source are clickable (makes it easy to look at css and js files).
  • tabs spawned from other tabs should show their parentage; they should appear next to their parent, and possibly "indented" down a little bit; when you close the parent, they would bump up but still stay visibly grouped. this would be super useful for research. tab dragging and dropping would incorporate the grouping idea--you could manually group tabs or remove a tab from a group.
  • history tree (mentioned in the wiki) so using the back button and then clicking on a link doesn't cut out the other forward pages.
  • javascript console and the page info tools dock to the document they're attatched to

prediction markets?

mini "stock markets" that might possibly predict things like the outcome of elections... uh, seemed interesting at the time. The futures of politics, an edition of American Public Media's Future Tense.

I'm following a couple podcasts now because I haven't gotten into the local radio stations, and there's no radio in the kitchen anyway. they feed my information addiction better (both a plus and a minus; with regular radio it's relaxing not to choose the content). also, like repetition in music radio, having information I've already taken in repeated in other contexts might give me more context in my memory.

youth tech use panel

Next Generation Insights (Young Adult Panel). fascinating, especially the way they almost universally cut back on tv time and overall advertising exposure (though they probably absorb much more than they articulate). via waxy links.


I swear that AppleCare was $199 last year when I bought my PowerBook; now it's $349 ($249 with student discount). Gah. It's bizarre to be buying a warranty for a fancy laptop and also applying for food stamps.

making favicons

there are many, many articles on making favicons. this is the first one that helped me: How to Create and Install a favicon. it helped me because it was the only one that mentioned png2ico, which converts pngs to icos, and runs on *nix/windows (*nix includes os x). I installed it on my mac via fink. works great!

$> png2ico favicon.ico logo16x16.png logo32x32.png

drupal and backwards compatibility

interesting how they state very clearly that backwards compatibility is not part of their plan. On backwards compatibility: the drop is always moving |

Maine earthquakes

brendan mentioned this last weekend: Maine Earthquake Closes Roads, Shakes Rocks (my supervisor laughed... magnitude 3.5)

This American Life

finally in podcast form! (pretty much): This American Life to offer free podcast

question from work

"Modular" vs. "Manufactured" housing.

Slang of the 1920s

Slang of the 1920s. via kottke. I vote for cosutmes.

blog with lots of articles about drupal

Web Development | Nick Lewis: The Blog.

on usable archives

this guy asks about making archived content more accessible: Usable Archives - A Pipe Dream?.

this got me thinking about everything2's "soft links"? (see the bottom of that page: the rectangular shaded box of links: those are the "soft links" for that node) They're a very, very effective way of getting people to click through to other content. They're essentially a weighted tag cloud of the links in a node and the things that people visit next after the current article; they rely pretty heavily on e2's internal linking (because that's what sends people to other pages, thereby building the soft links). They tend to have a good mix of related and almost-random content. They're not really suited to the context of a personal blog, though.

in many blogs, though, content isn't really created with any specific intent of future relevancy. I say "many," but also most topical/intellectual blogs are continuously relevent; ugh, I want to write this but my words are all scrambled.

woman things

on identifying (or not) as a woman in women's communities: AngryBrownButch - Ain’t I a Woman/Womyn/Wimmin?

I am perfectly content identifying as a genderqueer butch, full stop. I don’t feel that I need to tack “woman” onto that to preserve my connection to women’s struggles, to women’s cultures, to women’s communities. I don’t feel the need to do so in order to share the kinship and community that I do with other women of color. And I certainly don’t think that I need to call myself a woman in order to prove my allegience to women or to feminism.

San Francisco bus transfers

I think I know how the San Francisco "Muni" (bus) receipts work: they tear the tickets on the black lines, and the shortest red bar shows the period you bought the ticket within (+/- 90 minutes). They're supposed to only be valid for 90 minutes, but they're extremely low-precision: they have about a four hour scale (early and late are read as valid for longer time periods). This means that we bought tickets as we left around 1:45 in the afternoon, and Brendan was able to use it on his bus ride home just before 6 pm.

picture: the ticket on the left was bought around 12:30 am; the ticket on the right was bought around 1:45 pm.

Google Maps API

Google Maps API Documentation

what are javascript cosures?

Javascript Closures

sexual consent forms

awesome: Sexual Consent (movie)

sexual consent forms

awesome: | Sexual Consent (movie)

radio is dead

actually not, but Chad has a point when he says that repetition is important to good radio: Uncertain Principles: Radio Simulation.

simple motor

kb emailed me this video of a really adorable simple motor: YouTube - The simplest motor of the world.

adobe acrobat typewriter feature

under the tools menu there's a "typewriter" feature so you can "type" on forms that don't have editable fields.

anniversary announcement

Vicente Fox Warns Force Might Be Used to Crush Oaxaca Uprising:

In Mexico, President Vicente Fox is warning that force could be used to crush a popular uprising in the state of Oaxaca. Fox made the comments on Monday as Mexico marked the anniversary of the 1968 student massacre in Mexico City.

(article at Democracy Now)

site design

Portfolio | Harkey Design: I like the way this site resizes (not that it's terribly terribly unique). The header line spears the H, and has the navigation static on its end; the title, the H, and all the content is set at a static width in the center of the page; the H and the title are seperate from but line up with the left edges of the two content columns. the first site in the portfolio, pieces has a similar thing going on. (they have similar problems with sidebars being longer than content columns, though).

my favorite things to do when looking at web design: resize the window. resize the text. (not that the results are that diverse). (try resizing my old site; the words never get too big for their lines!)

lorem ipsum at the ready

Cicero Dashboard widget. generates 'greeking'... lorem ipsum dolor sit amet etc.

Pathauto: generate URL path aliases automatically (drupal)

Pathauto: generate URL path aliases automatically | (the answer to this annoyance.

Thinking w/Type

Thinking w/Type: so many things about type. Once I saw kb using this as homework for a class. redesigned (redesigned by Happy Cog, Zeldman's web design co. they have a nice summary.) striking because it looks so much more professional than before! it's a combination of the word set in serifs, the more subtle palette, and the text size, color, and spacing.

more on newspaper type

The next generation of newspaper typography? (hit the "simplify" button in the left sidebar to makie it readable). also via zeldman.

Brown University's web page

Brown University; that's pretty slick. the front page is really simple—a list of the different sections, with subsections in a horizontal list to the right. when you hover over a section for a second, it slides open and shows a tidbit on that topic. unfortunately none of the inside of the site is consistent with the front page, the other pages, OR much of a Brown-brand-identity at all. Also, sometimes the links slide out from under my clicking mouse. via zeldman.

javascript event handlers

Crossbrowser DOM Scripting: Event Handlers. 5 years old!

still on the font type diversification thing

"25 Best" Free Quality Fonts

text sizing on the web

Finally, something that I can pretend is The Answer to CSS text sizes: sane css typography: "Anyhow, I played about and found you can make a nice ems stylesheet with P text at 1.0 em, and then downsize the whole thing by selecting size in BODY with %, like 76%. It's simple, easy to change, and works for everything."

via this page from Accessible Web Typography (also, the previous page sums up relative text size units).

I've never been able to think of "solutions" based on browser as real solutions.

video font obsessed this site obsesses about fonts used in subtitles and screen captions. Ancient BBC ‘subtitling’ font revealed (

gallery of blog comment designs

Comment Design Showcase

javascript memory leaks

avoiding javascript memory leaks. haven't read this yet. via simon willison, so it must be good.

css columns

same height columns with css, via simon willison.

brad pitt pledges solidarity with gays on marriage

Brad Pitt makes gay marriage vow: or, he and Angelina Jolie will get married when gay people can (in the USA). So, how do I feel about solidarity? (hah: reference to a post I haven't completed yet!)

sony "portable reader" thing

the text looks nice, from what a tiny picture can show... but the device has horrific physical UI—typical Sony. And I can't imagine that it plays friendly with (a) free media and (b) Macs. Sony announced a new Portable Reader System with e-ink screen! finally that e-ink thing is on its way. via kottke.

jpeg metadata

java library for extracting jpeg metadata. oh, wait, he mentions python and php librarys for doing the same thing, which I'd be much more likely to use.

donut adventures

Vegan donuts? I think I have an errand after class tomorrow... Sun Flour Vegan Cookies: Organic Vegan Donuts. They're actually just selling donuts made by Mighty-O donuts in Seattle, but still...

fun cd re-use

as a bike reflector with words on it (via treehugger).

poetry video

slam poetry on youtube: Patricia Smith - Sixth Grade Class.

typewriters and backups

Reflections: Making Backups. by a science fiction author who has been writing since the 50s.

serving xhtml with the 'application/xhtml+xml' MIME type

The perils of using XHTML properly:

When I decided to start serving XHTML as application/xhtml xml to capable browsers, it would have saved me some headaches if I had known about an article like this to read before making that decision. I might even have considered using HTML 4.01 Strict instead.

PHP book online

Practical PHP Programming


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