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dictionary/thesaurus tool I want

is there an online thesaurus where I can put in two words and have it show words that overlap them both? -- maybe this is one of the "dictionary mashups" that the librarian at pop!tech this year was talking about. it could be a kind of social network for words, even: friendster and myspace tell you how another member overlaps with your network, this thesaurus should do that for words (especially if they don't directly share a synonym).

also: take two words that share meaning with a third; the first two don't necessarily overlap, right? otherwise, I could find a word that means some combination of "unfortunate" and "crestfallen" by looking in the thesaurus entries of either one. "unfortunate" and "crestfallen" don't share meaning, exactly, but they do have a sort of empathy, and I'm looking for a word that falls in that. (hah: empathetic words? does that make sense? also: I'm not looking anymore, I changed the sentance.)


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