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flickr/yahoo id

I resent having to log in to flickr with a yahoo id now (or by March). Anil Dash is baffled by flickr users' . My resentment is an almost completely emotional response... I didn't want to create another yahoo id. I hate visiting the yahoo front page because of its busyness and centralization (same reason I don't use my google homepage; they all remind me of msn and aol and netscape), though yahoo seems to be doing a lot of great stuff these days (flickr, a well-recieved js ui library, employing cool people).

also: people are bitching about it on metafilter (some of the bitching vaguely makes sense). I didn't know yahoo ids expired due to inactivity: I logged in to one today that I created in november 2000 and haven't used since june 2001. the geocities pages associated with it are gone, but the account is there.


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