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getting rid of cat smells

I'm worried that the first girl who came to look at our apartment was turned off by the cat smell upstairs... I'm not sure how strong it actually is because I have gotten used to it. When our roommate goes (Sunday I think), I'm going to do a couple deodorizing experiments.

the easy suggestion:

  1. wash with soap and water
  2. apply white vinegar, let dry to damp
  3. apply lots of baking soda
  4. wait a while, vacuum.

great comment thread, recommends:

  • meth labs smell like cat pee
  • Nature's Miracle (TM), an enzyme based cleaner. $6.49 for a spray bottle.
  • the Lampe Berger, a lamp with a catalytic converter that supposedly eliminates all kinds of smells. $30, plus $18.95 for the oil, at amazon (yippico, actually, but they're more navigable via amazon)

eHow says:

  • you can find peed-on parts of carpets with a blacklight
  • use a rug cleaner, then an enzyme-based cleaner, let sit, then vacuum


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