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headline confusion

"EU study says OSS has better economics than proprietary software": I kept seeing this headline (forgetting where) and thinking that it meant that the business of making and selling OSS made more sense than the business of making and selling proprietary software. Which made sense to me, wheather because of wishful thinking plus the bandwagon effect, or because it's possible to form a "logical" path to that conclusion... What made sense to me is that a market would be better served (though not necessarily more profitable) and the idea of "letting the market decide" would be more realistic if the companies selling things in the market were focused on selling, supporting, and extending a product that is widely available.

can't think of a good analogy or next sentence, so I'm not sure if this idea has any logical extension...

The headline actually meant that, in a study of a few european universities, it was ultimately cheaper to use OSS than proprietary software.


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