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burning multi-session dvds on mac os x

BurnAgain DVD, burns multi-session dvds easily. I'll try it next time I need to burn a dvd (tonight). Apple's Disk Utility can burn multi-session disks, but you have to burn from an image, and I don't have the disk space to make images of everything I burn. I tried Disco today and it's ugly (unreadable text, clashes with everythine else) and awkward (didn't ask me to name the cd I burned, I was unsure of what preferences would be applied to the disc I was burning). also, what is with the black? did I mention how ugly it is?

the article that pointed me to BurnAgain DVD also mentions Monolingual, an app that deletes unused language files (oss/free), Xslimmer, an app for intel macs that deletes the ppc part of universal binaries (crippleware), and Burn, an os x disk burner that unfortunately doesn't yet support multi-session burning (oss/free).

update: BurnAgain DVD didn't recognize DVDs in my drive as writable media. so that's useless.


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