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"femperialism" - a discussion of "how feminist language and institutions have been used to further the aims of American imperialism". great radio discussion, especially before the first break. direct mp3 link. via brownfemipower.

also, it's good to hear someone say that non-Muslim/western women can speak with Muslim women for the rights of Muslim women, and in general that the liberal reliance on "authentic" voices can become a way of validating our unwillingness to incorporate other viewpoints. It's not the *job* of oppressed people to "educate" others about oppression; it's the job of people on the outside to listen, probe, rethink their/our own actions and beliefs, and then find a way to add their/our voices in a non-oppressive and constructive way.

brownfemipower also linked this cleverly named article: "The Missionary Position." I am reading it, but slowly.


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