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tagging and laziness

I am too lazy to tag blog posts. instead of tagging I make sure certain words appear in posts, or I say the same thing in different ways in the same post, so I can find stuff by searching. that's why I title some things "phrase" or "christmas present," why I make sure to have both "bike" and "bicycle" in bike-related posts, and why I add "mac os x" whenever I mention software for mac os x. etc. eventually I want to do some sort of statistical tagging, probably involving word frequency and clustering.

which reminds me, why didn't I link kottke's post on "tag frequency and popularity acceleration" (re: his tagging of his own blog) when I first read it? I'd like to do stuff like that, except without having to actually tag anything.

also in the course of this thought: I've made 1300 posts to this blog over the past 487 days; that's an average of 3/day if I take out 60 days of traveling this summer (2.7/day if I don't). that is more than enough content to start playing with (if only I weren't lazy).


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