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media snacking

wired's latest issue is on "snacking"—media snacking! via kottke. on link blogs:

The link blog was the first Internet organism, built from a collection of the simplest cellular units of the networked society: links. ... The link is its own genre: sparsely worded, underlined, a discrete distillation of a new world that lies on the other side of a click.

also from the snack issue, this article on longer tv shows; they're becoming long-form movies (Lost and 24 being the usual examples, but what I watch works too: Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Firefly). 45 mins/episode * 12+ episodes = 9+ hours/season. 9 hour movies! (exclaimation point of incredulousness) I'd add that this is encouraged by tv shows' availability on DVD. I don't think that more involved tv shows are necessarily full meals; I think they're snacks designed for gluttony.


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