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typing in Windows

in order to type the "cent" symbol under Windows, you have to either use the numeric keypad, open the character map, or add an "international" keyboard layout.

  • numeric keypad: hold down Alt and type "0162"; it won't work if you type it on the numbers above the keyboard. A few more examples here: Windows Alt Key Numeric Codes. You can find the alt key code for any character in Windows' Character Map.
  • character map: it's located in Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. click on the character you want, then hit the "select" button, then the "copy" button, then paste it into the place where you wanted it five minutes ago.
  • adding an "international" keyboard layout: gives Mac-like key combos to get tildes, etc. Doesn't seem like it's optimized for regular typing, though. also, a CTC Vista member posted instructions for setting up an interneational keyboard.


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