scrap pad

things from Berkeley

  • my uncle and I biked out to Albany Bulb, where there is a park with driftwood and scrap art. lots of people used to live there, or go there to get stoned and make art. some people still do live there.
  • Sheri S. Tepper - a scifi author who apparently writes lesbian utopian scifi. I am skeptical (based on a retelling of one of her books), but if I read Heinlein there is not much justification for avoiding other scifi authors. books: The Fresco, Six Moon Dance, The Family Tree, Singer from the Sea.
  • Yosemite: apparently it's doable without a car. you can take the train, then the "yart" (Yosemite Area Rapitd Transit). There is a youth hostel called The Bug in Mid Pines, and it has good food.
  • On the BART into SF I saw some writing on a wall: "gothic dolphins! not bombs!"


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